VA BSZS, 2xNL, A, LT, EST Chiwa vom Haus Iskander

Date of birth: 10/Mar/2011

Registration No.: SZ 2264113

Training: IPO – 3 (Germany)

Breed survey:  breed survey for the life time (Germany)

Health tests: HD-A,ED-O,  SV HD normal. ED-normal, DNA confirmed.

Achievements, titles: VA (BSZS, A, 2xNL, LT, EST), V1 Europasieger Dortmund, prizes for the best protection courage test result in Austria, in 2013, and in the shows in the Netherlands and in the Baltics in 2014 (TSB 5/5).

For the information on Chiwa`s participation in the shows in Germany and other European countries click – here.

Pedigree chart can be found – here.